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Matrxtor Music Oy is a professional recording and production company in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Our studio provides recording, editing, mixing and production services.

Matrixtor Music has been a reliable companion in productions with well known artists and record labels such as EMI and Warner Music Finland. The studio is easy to find and our location in a small town’s centrum is ideal for music pruduction.


The studio consist of over 200 m2 of space in two floors. The main recording room is about 60 m2 and it’s height is nearly 4 m. The smaller recording room is the same height as the main room, but is only about 25m2 in size. The control room is situated in the 2nd floor, and has a straight view to both recording rooms.

Our smaller editing and overdubbing studio is situated in the 1st floor. In the 1st floor you'll also find the studio kitchen, bathroom, sauna and bedrooms. We are able to accommodate up to 6 person in our studio.

Recording, mixing and editing technology

Our main control room uses Pro Tools HDaccel3 and Logic Pro systems, and offers 48 channels of I/O to Pro Tools. The console in the main control room is Soundcraft Sapphyre, and main monitoring is made with Genelec. As reference monitors we use Yamaha HS50 and Avantone Mix Cube -speakers

The 1st floor edit and overdubbing room uses Pro Tools LE with Digi002Rack interface. The console in the edit room is Yamaha 01V96, which can also be used as Pro Tools controller for straight hands-on access to Pro Tools.

Both our control rooms are equipped with variety of plug-ins, outboard processors and preamps. For further technical information please contact

For information about daily rates and production contracts, please contact


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Matrixtor Music Oy
Raatihuoneenkatu 3 C
13100 Hämeenlinna
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Lauri Malin
+358 40 5698 435



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